Winter sports attendance patterns

Quinnipiac is not a very well known school — especially not for its athletics. However, the Bobcats are best known for their winter sports: basketball and ice hockey. The men’s and women’s teams for both sports practice and play games at the TD Bank Sports Center in Hamden, Conn. Both basketball teams play in the Northeast Conference, while the ice hockey teams play in Eastern College Athletic Conference Hockey.

QU Athletics Attendance
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The men’s ice hockey team was ranked as high as No. 4 in the nation, the women’s ice hockey team is off to the best start in program history, and the men’s basketball team has led its conference all season until last week. Still, the attendance breakdown for each team is nowhere close to where it should be based on their performance. To the right is a graph of the average attendance for each home and away game for all the teams so far this season, according to

After a victory earlier this year, senior captain Jeremy Baker told me “the fans, that’s college basketball, in a nutshell.” And he’s right. Just think of Duke fans hopping up and down throughout every televised game. That’s when their truly is a sixth man.

Quinnipiac has close to 6,000 undergraduate students and nearly 2,000 graduate students, according to its Web site. If one of every eight people in the Quinnipiac community showed up to games, it would be an improvement to the current status. Tim O’Donnell, a sports writer for The Chronicle, wrote an opinion piece on why more fans should attend games.

Empty seats at the TD Bank Sports Center

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Vote in the poll below so everyone can get a sense of how often fans attend Quinnipiac athletic events.


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